The organic shop

Organic shop

Nowadays, you see more and more organic products popping up. This is because it is becoming increasingly popular to buy products that are organic. Organic products are often better for animals and environment. By buying these products, you ensure that you are a lot more environmentally aware. 

Reasons to buy organic food

There are a number of reasons to choose organic food over other food. Most of the reasons have to do with the environment or with the animals. 

Organic meat can be a good choice if you think it's important that an animal has had a good life. When you buy organic meat, you can be sure that the animals have a lot more space. Also, the animals usually spend a large part of the year outside. This ensures that in the time that the animals are prepared for slaughter, their lives are a lot more pleasant. 

They also make sure that organic animals stay healthy. Other meat often gets probiotics and hormones to grow better. However, this is not healthy for the animals. At an organic farmer, the animals will get natural food they would normally live on. This is much better for the health of the animals. 

Furthermore, organic animals are stimulated to exhibit as much natural behaviour as possible. This means that pigs are allowed to root in the ground and chickens are given twice as much time to grow. 

Eating organic can also affect your own health. This is because organic food is not sprayed with chemicals against insects. Therefore, you do not get these chemicals in your blood. There are also no fragrances, colorants or flavorings in organic food. Only additives of natural origin are allowed. 

With organic food they also make sure that the fruits and vegetables that are grown are completely in the ground. Furthermore, they always use natural manure instead of artificial fertilizer. This is often healthier for the plants. 

The natural cycle is also supported here. The natural cycle is the maintenance of the natural self. The manure of the animals is used for the crops that are grown. In nature, this would also happen in the same way. 

If you buy normal food, you quickly run the risk that a farmer is underpaid. This happens to most farmers. With an organic farmer it is always ensured that the farmer gets enough money for the products he delivers. 

Many people find it a disadvantage that organic food is often more expensive than normal food. However, this does not have to be expensive. If you stick to the seasons in which fruit and vegetables grow, organic food is often not that much more expensive. For this, it is often useful to make sure you do your grocery shopping in a convenient way. 

Organic shop

If you want to eat organic, you can choose to go to a supermarket, but also to an organic store. For organic products, it is often best to go to an organic store. This is because there are often more products that are organic and they only buy products of which they are sure that they are organic. 

Also you know for sure that an organic store does not support non organic products. There are many products that are not organic but that are supported by a normal supermarket. The profit of a normal supermarket does not go only to organic products. 

If you think it is important to eat as much organic as possible, it is much better to choose an organic store than a store of which you know they sell non-organic products as well. Sometimes you are lucky that an organic store has a special offer on their products, which makes it cheaper than if you would buy the same product in a supermarket. That is of course very handy.

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